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iShema is a digital sexual and reproductive health care platform offering SRHR(sexual and reproductive health and rights)
information and services to young people and people with disabilities with actionable insights.

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We believe in learning, Self-Assessments & Interactive Quizzes.

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“You can’t teach a human anything. You can only help Them to find it within themselves.”   ~Dale Carnegie.

“Every human being is an author of his/her own health or disease.”   ~Gautama Buddha.

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Why People Trust Us

We are the only SRHR online helpers countrywide who tackles the issue from roots. We use different possible approaches to make sure that sexual health awareness reaches as far as possible.

High Quality Privacy

We do understand the meaning of user privacy and we invest a lot for every user privacy.

Unmatched Expertise

We a team of both medical and tech experts who came together for a long-term solution.

Precise Result & Answer

We carry out deep research and be able to answer those questions you all got about topics.

Tech Help

Our solutions are easily accessible with tech. We continuously improve our means to reach the big number using tech.

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